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Making Words

Making Words is a word guessing game according to a given letter cue. How many meaningful words can you make from these letters? Reading is an important skill to have in life, not only for adults but also for children. Learning to read not only helps you read books, but it also helps you learn about different topics at school and at home. There are different ways to read, from reading for fun to learning about different topics in school. To have fast and fluent reading skills, you have to practice a lot with vocabulary. Join our game, use your mind to develop your vocabulary.

Alphabet games are a great way to improve your child's letter recognition and other spelling skills. It is designed as a fun-filled game that is sure to be enjoyed by your child. The player's task in this game is simple, just unscramble the letters in the lower row, and move the letters to the upper row so that they create a meaningful vocabulary.

How to play Making Words

Use the left mouse button to hold down and drag the letters to the correct position in the correct order. 

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