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Mahjong Grand Master Game with Editor

The Mah-Jongg game is a popular Asian board game played throughout the world. It is also called Hanjie or Chinese Chess. The mah-jongg game involves matching tiles with symbols, which usually represents different objects or concepts based on their Chinese characters. The game of mah-jongg dates back to the 8th century in China when it was first introduced as a method of relaxation and entertainment for women. Nowadays, it has become one of the most played games in many cultures across Asia and America Due to its simplicity, ease of learning and quick play times, it is no wonder how this augmented ancient board game has flourished into so many modern

Do you like the classic Mahjong game? Do you want to challenge yourself and become a Mahjong Grand Master? Then this is your one stop app to help you achieve it! In this game, the goal is to clear all of the tiles from the mahjongg board by matching them in ascending or descending order. The first person to remove all of their mahjongg tiles wins! With this game, you can play against either the computer or another player. Also, with an in-built editor, you can create your own custom levels and share with other players. It’s an awesome way to spend some time with your friends and

In the world of Mahjong, there are different kinds of Mahjong games. Some people play for money, some for honor, and others for fun. The last player on the list is a professional who plays for hours upon end with the same game in an attempt to become the next "Mahjong Grand

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