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Mahjong. You might have heard of it before as it is played all across Asia and also quite popular in many Western Countries. This is not just some regular mahjongg you see, this is Chinese mahjongg which has 5 different variations. In case you don’t know what mahjong is or how to play, then read on! Playing mahjong can be fairly simple if you have the right tools at your disposal. The most common variation is known as the Drum Version, where each player starts with their hands on top of a large drum that indicates which hand belongs to who. After the first turn, the drums are rotated counterclockwise so that only one hand remains under each drum. The objective of each player is to remove other players’ tiles from underneath their own This game tiles by matching them up with other sets that they own in order to score points. There are many factors that affect your final score including but not limited to the number of matches made, number of remaining matches and how many sets are left for other players. 

If you’ve ever played a traditional Chinese tile-matching game called mahjongg, you’re probably familiar with the gameplay. Unlike other card games that have clear winners and losers, mahjongg is more about strategy and luck than anything else. The goal is to match sets of tiles in ascending order from left to right. The first player to complete three matching pairs wins! However, it’s not as simple as it sounds. In fact, the rules for playing mahjongg vary by region, play style and even local laws. This makes it one of the world’s most popular casino games - but also one of its most confusing! One thing we can all agree on is that being new to this fun and addicting game can be an intimidating prospect. That’s why we created this post so that you can learn everything there is to know about playing mahjongg step-by-step with images and video clips so that you don’t get lost in translation once you start. 

This game is one of the most popular games in the world. There are over 100 variations of this game, and it’s played in every corner of the globe. From traditional Chinese This one to American Western-interpreted variants, there is a high chance that you know someone who plays mahjong. Well, maybe not everyone knows about it since many people think it’s just another word for Pachisi or Othello. However, even if you don’t play mahjong yourself, odds are that you have come across an instance where others were playing it – whether at a restaurant, bar or club. It may not be as common as some other types of games found in bars/clubs but they still exist!

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