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Magic Circus - Match 3

Do you like to play games? If so, then this game must be played! The Game Circus Match 3 is an absolutely amazing match-3 puzzle game. You can either play against the computer or up to three friends in a local or world-wide multiplayer game. The object of the game is simple: match three or more similar colored dots of the same type. But the lines between reality and imagination are blurred in this colorful and exciting puzzle game. Try to solve challenging levels without letting the dots merge into one another, which ones are real and which are just optical illusions. Use your logical skills and match three or more similar colored dots of the same type to overcome increasingly difficult levels. 

The Circus Match 3 is an arcade game similar to Match 3 or Sudoku. You have to match three same-color blocks of the same type, which have fallen from the top of a standard circus tent. To make things even more difficult, the blocks fall in different patterns and/or at different speeds. The objects are easier to find if you start at the beginning of the level. Other than that, it's pretty much the same game as in previous versions. The only difference is that this time we're giving you 50 levels instead of 35. 

Are you a match-3 lover? If so, then this app is for you! If not, well, that's just too bad. For all these fans of puzzle games out there, the wait is over. The creators of Pop Cap Games have made a game that is as addicting as it is fun!features 50 levels filled with fun and challenging matching 3D graphics. You’ll need to use your logical mind and your fast fingers alike to clear each level!

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Using Mouse

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