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Similar to its inspiration Wordle, LoLdle is a daily puzzle game that tests your ability to identify and narrow down a certain League of Legends character each day. Your guess is compared to the right character each time you make one. You can find out, for instance, if a given value for a gender, position, species, resource, range type, region, or release year is accurate or inaccurate. You must narrow down the right response using this information.


How to play LoLdle

Players may input a prediction when they initially launch Loldle, and the app will then assess their accuracy based on eight categories:

  • Champion
  • Gender
  • Position(s)
  • Species
  • Resource
  • Range Type
  • Region(s)
  • Release Year

Depending on how well you predict, each category will either light up green, yellow, or red once you submit your guess. If you correctly predict the answer, green will flash (for instance, if you predict the incorrect champion but the right position for today's response). If you're even somewhat correct, yellow will glow (for example, Diana is Jungle and Mid, but Viktor is only Mid). If your estimate does not correspond to the right solution, red will glow.


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