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Lof Snakes and Ladders

This is a classic game everyone knows from their childhood days. The story behind it is filled with so many twists and turns that immediately makes you want to play once again. Lof Snakes and Lof Ladders is a board game for 2 players. It’s also known as Nihj-Lhek in Bhutani, Jal-Khara in Bishnupur, Pachisi, Jhalak in Kumaon and Sowrai in Garhwal. The story behind this game is not limited to one person or place but it’s brimming with adventure and passion of the people who played it since ages ago until today. It was first played in Tibet by Buddhist Monks during the time they were studying meditation under the tutelage of lama gosha (teacher). The original rules are very simple and have no complicated strategy involved. The only requirement is that both the players should keep their eyes open while playing this game otherwise there will be no winner. In case if you get confused about how to play this interesting boardgame – here are few tips that will help you easily learn how to play lof snakes and lof

Lof Snakes And Ladders, is a game which is played with a board and two dice. It was invented by an Indian farmer named Joshina Umar in India more than 5000 years ago. The Lof Snakes And Ladders, game is played by two players. Each player takes a turn to move one's snake or ladder on the board according to the number rolled by the snake using dice. The first player rolls the two dice, who has to choose whether they want to move their snake forward or backward depending on which side of the dice shows up first. The second player then does the same thing and looks to see what they have already moved, if they can go in the new direction and if anything stands in their way of moving

Lof Snakes and Ladders is a traditional board game played all over the world. It is part of Nordic cultures and has spread across Europe since the Middle Ages. Lof is one of the most popular board games in Sweden, Estonia and Finland. And it can be found everywhere from America to Africa, India and China. The game features lots of variations with several different boards where you try to maneuver your louse to their final destination on the other side of the

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Using Mouse

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