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A test of word associations is the Lingle game. It's not too hard to comprehend how this difficult-sounding vocabulary and word association test can be condensed into so few words! The Lingle game asks players to react in single words to a range of cues in order to gauge their capacity for associative thought.

A word-guessing game is called Lingle. As many words as they can guess in a minute, game involves doing so. The problem? Only terms that share the same letter as the concealed word can be used as hints by players. If your teammate offers you the clue "duck" for "goose," for instance, you cannot respond with "waterfowl" or "aquatic bird." You need to specify a second word that begins with the letter D. 

You are given a tip word in this game and must locate as many similar terms as you can. For instance, if the clue word is "frog," you would infer that the words "pond," "green," "water," and "slippery" would all be acceptable choices because they all somehow have to do with frogs.

The game's rules are straightforward. You'll receive a hint and four possible answers. Your task is to identify the one word that somehow connects them all. Once you have the solution, circle it and move on to the following clue.

If you run into trouble, consider trading answers with another player or turning them around. Sometimes fresh insights can even come from simply reading the clues again! Let's look at how to complete a Lingle game puzzle and locate every word that is buried!

How to play Lingle

Using mouse

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