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Letter Boom Blast

Are you ready for the ultimate word game? It may look like (and feel like) letters against a black background, but this “word blast” is anything but ordinary. Featuring advanced 3D graphics, physics, and an addicting gameplay, LOOM is an arcade-style word game that will keep you coming back for more. Whether you are a veteran word player or a total noob, LOOM will test your skills to the limit. Can you rack up the points in this fast-pacedword blast? Let the word fun game!

Get ready to blast through letters with the ultimate word game! Smash, combine and shoot your way to the top of this 3D Letter Shooter. Use your arrow keys to guide the ball through each level and avoid the obstacles that get in your way. Make sure to aim for the letter ‘O’ as it will score you points! Get ready to blast through letters with the ultimate word. Have a nice time!

How to play Letter Boom Blast

Using Mouse

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