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Kitchen Mahjong

Kitchen Mahjong is a simple match-3 puzzle game. Match the same kinds of tiles to make them disappear from the board. The game will be more difficult as you progress through levels. Some tiles may require that you match two or more matching tile to destroy it. Clear all mahjong tiles to advance to new level It’s easy, just click anywhere on the screen and the tile will be removed from the board. Sometimes you have to match icons of certain kind in order for them to disappear from the board. There are about 20+ layouts with increasing difficulty in each level. If you keep playing, you’ll unlock new themes and colors for your kitchen tiles! 

This game is about matching colors and finding sets of three in the given kitchen. You will see various tiles that have different colors and patterns. Every tile has one or more colors printed on it. The goal of this game is to find sets of three identical tiles. You only have a limited amount of moves available, so think fast and use them wisely! Your choices are limited and you must make the right decisions in order to win the game. You can play Mahjong with friends in a group or challenge your opponents alone with multiple layouts and levels. You can spend your time playing individual games or take part in tournaments against players from all around the world. There are two different modes available: Practice and Challenge. Practice mode offers you several challenges where you can improve your skills, test your ability against AI players or just relax by playing against computer-controlled characters. Challenges unlock once you complete the practice mode for a specific location. Challenge mode offers single-player games against artificial intelligence opponents as well as team matches against other users online in timed rounds separated by breaks for optimal

The Mahjong game is one of the most popular games in Asia. It is also the most widely played board game in the world. Is it your turn to join a Mahjong game? Here at Lolo Games, we’ve designed a fun and addicting Mahjong simulator! The gameplay is simple – clear all tiles by matching pairs. You can play this game with up to 4 friends or family members at once! Our mobile-friendly layout allows you to play anywhere anytime! We have included preset layouts for both Tablet and Phone devices. We do NOT require extra permissions when playing our games, so you don’t need any third party programs to enjoy our lovable Mahjong game on your Android device. Complete daily missions to earn free coins and items! Join a community of players from around the world! Play on Facebook or Twitter with automatic matchmaking support! 

The hardest Mahjong game for you, the person who is playing the game for the first time. Because that is how a typical Mahjong game starts – easy. But if you want to get better at this mahjong then you will have to master all its levels and difficulties. In order to do that, it is not enough to just play once or twice and leave it at that. You will have to keep playing over and over again in order to improve your skills with every passing level. This is why we present you with our greatest challenge yet: Kitchen Mahjong! This Mahjong game has been specially designed for girls but it can be played by anyone of any gender. Fortunately, this makes it even more accessible than usual! However, regardless whether you are male or female, if you like challenging puzzle games then we think you will really enjoy this game.


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