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Join Blocks 2048 Number Puzzle

Join Blocks is a fun, challenging 2048 number puzzler that takes place on a grid of blocks. Your goal is to combine blocks and combine them again until you get to the final block: the 2048.

Let’s crush the blocks! Join these numbers and get the 2048 puzzle game with block twist! Crush Blocks is a fusion of the classic blocks puzzles and the famous ‘2048 number puzzle game’. You need to combine same numbered squares to create larger value blocks and win this challenge. But there are some special rules for each type of squares: -You can only move a block if there’s another one directly above it. Also, you cannot move a block if doing so would crash another block into it. Try your best to make combos of 5 or more identical numbers by combining them as fast as you can in this super addictive arcade puzzle.

If you like numbers and tetrominoes – this game is for you. It’s time to unchain your mind, crush some blocks and become the master of universal arithmetic. All you have to do is join the same colored blocks together and crush them with a logical thinking. Sounds easy? Prove it! This free puzzle game will give you hours of entertainment. 

With this game you can challenge your math skills and train your logical thinking. It’s a free, simple and fun puzzle game that helps you improve your concentration, logic and recognition of numbers. Immerse yourself in the world of puzzles and become a master of numbers. Let’s start this journey. Good luck to you!


How to play Join Blocks 2048 Number Puzzle

Using Mouse

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