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Jigsaw Puzzle Horses Edition

Jigsaw Puzzle Horses Edition is a hypercasual, block-breaking puzzle game with photopuzzles! Are you ready to meet cutest horses in the world? Challenge your visual sense and get ready for a brain-breaking experience! This game contains more than 100 photographs of horses. Combine them in the correct way or you will not be able to proceed further. Discover the secret details of each photo and see how they connect. Test yourself and see if you can solve all puzzles in less than 10 minutes!

Hypercasual games are all about streamlined user experiences, with simple mechanics and short levels. They’re super accessible and designed to be played in 5-minute chunks, perfect for players with busy lives. In this post we’ll take a look at the rise of hypercasual games, what they are and examples of their success. We’ve also created an interactive code snippet so you can easily add these concepts to your own.

Jigsaw Puzzle Horses Edition is a super casual, feel-good puzzle game with horses. It’s free to download and play, it's accessible for kids and adults alike and it has over 250 puzzles with different difficulties. It’s perfect to kill some time while waiting for friends or during a boring lecture. If you like horses, this is the game for you!


How to play Jigsaw Puzzle Horses Edition

Using Mouse

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