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Imposter Expansion Wars

Everyone understands how challenging it can be to prove yourself when you’re starting out. Especially when you’re a new and unknown player in the industry. That’s why so many people go to war against imposters. The feeling of being tricked or played by someone with a hidden agenda is still one that many people, even decades after the fact, struggle with on a daily basis. That’s why we created Imposter Expansion Wars – an island-based strategy game for two players set in the world of digital impostors. You take the role of one of six digital characters fighting for dominance on an island-based war torn by a constant fight between good and evil. 

No matter how many times we tell ourselves that time is needed to learn a skill, it never seems to work. Especially when friends and family members are struggling with the same problems as us. The thing is- learning a skill doesn’t have to feel like torture for hours on end. In fact, most skills can be learned through experience and practice. The best way to learn anything is through doing it over and over again. And that’s where arcade games come in! They act as an excellent means of practice without draining your time or your sanity. 


How to play Imposter Expansion Wars

Using Mouse

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