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Hyper Swiper

Hyper Swiper ); the goal is to merge all of the same-colored bubbles together. That sounds pretty simple, but there are many ways to accomplish that goal. You can attack your opponents by merging adjacent bubbles or by clearing them away from the base; you can also create more space by clearing away smaller bubbles instead of larger ones. As you progress, new types of enemies appear on different levels and they will require different strategies to defeat them. There are no time limits in this game; instead, it’s a combination of luck and skill that will determine if you finish each level in one shot.

The next level in console gaming just arrived. This one is a casual arcade game that combines the depth of strategy games with the match-3 gameplay of casual games. The goal is to swipe as many cards as possible and create combos. Explore various maps, unlock new characters and upgrade your deck to rise up the ranks in this hardcore challenge that has no mercy on newbies or experienced gamers. It’s easy to get started but hard to master your tactics and cognitive skills required to play the game. With a strategic precision and quick reflexes, you’ll need all your concentration to win every round, whether in single player mode or against other players from all over the game.

Hyper Hippo is a casual match-3 game in which you play as a hippo. The goal is to merge matching colors to destroy the green monsters that try to chase you. Use your 3D-graphics and music to keep the player entertained and motive him through the gameplay. You can also challenge your friends and see who can collect more stars from the galaxy, which will give them an advantage to beat their opponents! - > Merge matching color to destroy all enemies - - > Collect as many stars as possible - Something for everyone: * Casual gamers * Kids * Parents * People who like short games with simple drawings * People who like

This one is a casual match-3 puzzle game from the makers of the Hyper Gross Movie. The hyper version of the popular match 3 games. Match up three or more connected same type objects to destroy them and earn points. There are 5 different worlds with more coming soon! So, if you are looking for your next casual game then try our this game.

Hyper Swiper is a casual match-3 puzzle game. It features classic match-3 gameplay, combined with a fast and smooth hypercasual experience. This one is a simple and addictive casual game that you have to play.

How to play Hyper Swiper

Using Mouse

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