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In Hexagon you control a central hexagon and need to surround your opponent’s hexagon with your own. Do this by rotating the board, moving your pieces and thinking strategically about which piece to move next. Can you win before your opponent does? The game is over when both players have surrounded their opponent's hexagon with their own. =

"Hexxagon" is a two-player strategy board game. Players take turns placing hexagonal tiles on the board to try and trap their opponent. Once trapped, the player needs to find a way to escape. To win the game you must trap your opponent in such a way that it is not possible for them to return to the centre of the board. You must use your strategic thinking skills, making good moves and avoiding your opponent’s players.

This is a two-player game of strategy and cunning. Each player takes the role of a magician, trying to trap their opponent in their hexagon. While only six different types of piece exist — red-, blue-, green-, yellow-, orange-, and purple-hexagonal — they each have unique properties which give them special strategic

Hexagon is a board game for two players. You can challenge your friends or play against the computer. It is easy to understand, but hard to master. Try to get as many of your pieces as possible in the center area and prevent your opponent from doing the

In this addictive game of strategy, your task is to trap your opponent. You can move in any direction and capture your opponent by completely surrounding them with your own pieces. The first person who cannot move loses. Are you ready for playing this game? Let's get started!

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Using Mouse

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