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Hexa loop 3D

Hexa Loop 3D is a new, challenging and fun addictive game. If you like logic games or word games, this game is just for you! Its one of the most beautiful and exciting game available on google play store right will keep you entertained for a complete package of brain teasing fun with interesting is a very simple but at the same time challenging puzzle game which will provide hours of entertainment to users of all will love it once you start playing it. The objective of the game is to attach the same colored hexagonal pieces in such a way that they don’t allow any other hexagonal piece inside them except themselves and form the filled-up shapes on your horizontal or vertical grid more pieces you can fit in any given shape without any overlapping, the higher your score will get ready to get addicted to this cool new puzzle

The objective of this game is to create a sequence of connected horizontal or vertical lines with no link overlaps. For example, a sequence of 5 connected horizontal lines. Think of it as connect the dots, only with 3D lines instead of 2D ones! You can use the mouse, touch or arrow keys to connect the lines. To solve more levels in this series, check out Hexa Loop 2 and Hexa Loop 3.

Hexa Loop is a fast-paced and highly addictive 3D puzzle game. It’s all about linking hexagonal tiles together to create a continuous path. Your goal is to link as many hexagonal tiles as possible without extending beyond the screen boundaries. This will give you points and help you complete the level. The faster you finish the level, the higher the score you get.

Hexa Loop is a new type of 3D puzzle game. It's inspired by the classic games such as tetris, inverse, minesweeper and many more! The goal of this game is to connect all the colored hexagons so that no other hexagon can be connected to it again. Sounds easy? Try it now and challenge your logical thinking

Hexa Loop is a challenging puzzle game. The objective of each level is to link the same colored hexagons together with a single line. To finish the level you need to create an uninterrupted loop. – How many levels can you overcome.

How to play Hexa loop 3D

Using Mouse

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