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Hero Tower Wars

It's been an exciting year for Tower Wars fans. The game has been available on multiple platforms, and we've had unprecedented support from players around the world. In 2019, we can look forward to even greater heights with your help. Tower Wars is a high-quality puzzler with an emphasis on fun and accessibility. It challenges you by introducing new elements and mechanics as you go, but it never gets too difficult or annoying. You can play without installing any additional software, but our optimized Lionhead Play app makes playing with friends easier than ever. 

In a world where magic and technology coexist,a new kind of hero has arisen.A warrior who trades skill for strength and protects the people from evil using only a sword and his or her name is Roland,the Hero of fights with only a sword and isn’t particular about the kind of person he fights by his side. But that’s not all. In this world, there are magical girls who can be called heroes as well. If you call yourself a hero then fight alongside Roland and other heroes to save the world as you can.

Who’s the Hero? Collect all of the Hero Cards to unmask the villain and save the day! Use logic and your own intuition to solve challenging wordment puzzles and battle against enemies on a tactical battlefield.

How to play Hero Tower Wars

Using Mouse

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