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Happy Farm Tiles Match

Happy Farm Tiles Match is a hypercasual puzzle game that combines farm life and mahjong tiles. The gameplay is simple and relaxing — a great way to unwind! It’s a story about an old farmer and his animals. They work on their farm all day, every day, making sure it’s always in tiptop shape. One day the animals suggested that they each take care of a different part of the farm so that it would be more efficient. This is how the animals developed their own areas: an orchard for Apple, a silo for Pig, and a field for Cow. Nowadays, this setup makes working on the farm much more convenient because everyone knows exactly where to find what they need. As you progress through the game you will discover new characters and new locations on the farm. 

Welcome to the Happy Farm! Match and collect fruit-filled tiles on this adorable farm-themed board game. If you love casual puzzle games with a wholesome twist, you’ll love this adorable new tile-matching game from Hypercasual Lab. In Happy Farm Tiles Match, your goal is to match as many fruit-filled tiles as possible by swapping adjacent tiles until you find a match. Swap the correct pair of tiles to remove them from the board, as well as any other tiles that are connected to them. Think strategically about where each tile will have the best chance of being matched! There are multiple levels of difficulty in this challenging but cute game – easier for young children or more challenging for adults. Challenging yourself is good for you.

Happy Farm Tiles is a hyper casual match 3 puzzle game with a Farm theme. In this challenging but fun match 3 game, you have to swap and match the fruit tiles to make combinations of 3 or more identical tiles and remove them from the board. With only 120 seconds to finish a level, it’s not as easy as it sounds! But don’t worry, once you get the hang of it, you will be clearing those boards in no time. Enjoy playing this addicting puzzle game with all its challenges and

In this casual board game, you are a farmer who has to take care of various fields and grow different types of crops. Your goal is to feed the hungry animals with the right fruits as fast as possible. In each level, your task will be to find out where cubes with fruits are hidden. The faster you complete it, the more stars you get. Good luck!

How to play Happy Farm Tiles Match

Using Mouse

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