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Hamster Pop

Hamster Pop, a free online new game from Big Fish. As threatened, Big Brother Hamster has trapped all of the cute little hamsters in one place. To escape, they need to find matching pairs of cards to open different doors around the playground. Match three or more cards of the same color and you’ll open a door that leads to another part of the level. In order to help them escape, play this free online game and match as many cards as you can! The faster you finish levels, the more doors you will unlock and your chance for escape increases. However, finishing fast also means that you will have to do a lot of matches in a row. If you are not careful, it can be easy to accidentally mash on the wrong card instead of getting the one you needed. 

Hamsters are small rodents native to Africa, Asia, and Europe. They live in underground burrows, known as warrens, where they feed mainly on seeds but also on other small invertebrates. Though they are called a pet hamster, it is illegal to keep these animals as pets in many countries. The This game is a simple little puzzle game which will have you squirming with cute hamster antics! Hamsters enjoy roaming free in their own little warrens. However the hamsters of this world got bored and would like to play more games! Their favourite game is mah-jongg; however they don’t know how to play yet. Let's get them started with our DIY This game ! It’s easy enough for anyone to put together and will keep your furry friends entertained for you.


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Using Mouse

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