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Hacker Rush

Hacker Rush is a fast paced puzzle game where you have different challenges everyday. Each challenge has 10 stages with 3 challenges in every stage. In each level you will be given a time duration to complete the challenge and score as high as possible. If you are fast enough, you can complete all the challenges for that day and unlock new achievements called Hacker Hacks. You will not only learn how to code but also have fun while doing it! After solving each level, you can go to the End of Level Club where other players have posted their solutions so that you can see an example of how to solve a certain level type and learn from them. 

CryptoRush is a simple strategy puzzle game based on match-3 and crypto elements. Match symbols to clear the level. You can also earn coins as you play to buy new items. The faster you finish levels, the more coins you will earn. The more coins you have, the more items you can unlock. No ads. No in-app purchases. Only free updates with new levels! This game requires concentration and strategic thinking as you try to beat your own time and improve your performance with each level.

Cryptogames are games based on cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Cryptogames are usually simple puzzle games that require the player to think logically, in order to complete it. There are many cryptogames available which you can play for free. Some of the popular cryptogame genres include role-playing games, simulation games, strategy games, puzzle games and arcade games.

Rush is a Crypto game by Playtika, Inc. You play as a Hacker who has to complete all challenges and riddles given to you by the ‘Gods’ in order to become one of them! The rules of this game are simple: complete challenges and earn points. The more you complete, the higher your score will get!

How to play Hacker Rush

Using Mouse

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