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A Gordle's goal is to identify patterns among a group of input words. These puzzles typically have relatively little room for patterns, and the solving hints are frequently quite straightforward.

Logic puzzles often contain the first kind of Gordle, which are often referred to as permutation puzzles or inversion puzzles.

These puzzles encourage you to identify precise solutions for predetermined words, which is a test of your capacity for logical thought. Let's take the problem "GORGLED - A phrase used to indicate anything that has undergone thorough testing and revision yet still remains inadequate." as an illustration. — You must ascertain what these modifications were and why they led to the word being described as GORGLED.

Anagram puzzles, commonly known as jumbled word puzzles, are another variety of Gordle. In these puzzles, a group of letters is arranged so that, when read backward or in a different order, it creates a new word or phrase (reversed). As an illustration, your answer would be GOREBLESTORE if we asked you to complete the phrase with GORBLE rather than ORBLE.

How to play Gordle

1. Start by entering the player's five-letter last name.

2. The color of the box changes to green when the proper letter is inserted. The Wordle Hockey Game's yellow color and box indicate that you have placed the right letter, but it wasn't in the proper place. The incorrect estimate is indicated when the box goes gray.

3. Using Gordle's technique, you have five to six chances to properly guess the player's five-letter last name.

4. After you're done, review your work by clicking "OK."

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