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Each round, the two players (as well as the computer participants) are given a hint on an unidentified nation. The hints are all connected but not quite accurate; you will always discover more after the fact than before. You must decide how many estimates you will make after reading each clue, as well as which of the three kinds of hints—capital cities, counties with the same first letter, or regions with the same letter—you will utilize.

Your aim is to identify the nation with the fewest number of guesses possible. You may utilize one of your guesses or make a guess from where you are right now during your turn. Passing on your turn to the next player indicates that you cannot come any closer without additional clues if you do not believe you can utilize the clues and guesses you now have. The remaining countries will be disclosed in order of the fewest guesses required to see them all revealed first once everyone has completed their rounds or no one wishes to take another turn without new clues.

You'll receive a clue each time you play, and your task is to identify the nation to which the clue relates. Each hint can only be used once. After all the clues have been used, the less right guesses you still have, the higher your score.

You are given a fresh task each time a new person registers. Your goal is to identify the unknown nation with the fewest number of attempts. There are several ways to complete this game more quickly, but let's first examine the mechanics of the game.
Consider receiving three hints that Norway isn't Iceland, Sweden, or Finland. To determine that as your correct response, you would require all three of these hints, which would reduce your previous total of 20 guesses to just 19. Lucky you!

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Using mouse

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