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You like playing games? Of course you do. I, of course, see that now. But back in the day when I first started playing video games, it was a whole other thing. I mean, yes, I loved them just as much as the next person, but they were always something special when I would sit down with my friends and play some multiplayer online game of sorts. That all changed one day when my roommate suggested we try and make our own interactive offline game of sorts. It was at this point that my world began to change forever and video games entered into my life for good! Since then, gaming has become an essential part of who I am and how I express myself (pun intended). 

There's a new generation of HTML5 games on the rise and they're called Photopuzzle! Photopuzzle is an addictive, pixel-based HTML5 game similar to Bejeweled or Pop Pop. You play against the computer or friends in time-limited free games rounds where you take pictures of stars that appear in each row. As you take more pictures, the rows get longer and the stars you photograph become visible. 

Do you like playing games? If you do, then you should check out these arcade games. They are fun and sometimes challenging. These HTML5 games will have you moving images around a puzzle or game board to create words. All of them involve some type of puzzle so that's why we've included them all. If you like word games, check out Challengingo as these can be played offline as well as online. 

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