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Game of Goose

Goose is an ancient strategy board game from China, Korea and Japan. The game has many names in different countries but it is often simply called Goose. It can be played by two players or with up to four players. The goal of the game is to get your goose to the other end of the board without letting your opponent get theirs. The game consists of a grid of nine horizontal and twelve vertical squares (the so-called lines). From each player you take one goose piece, which starts on its own square at one end of the board. In order to win the game, you have to move your goose piece into a space that is occupied by your opponent’s goose piece. If both geese piece occupy a single space on the same line, they are both removed from the game and replaced by a neutral marker that cannot be moved again. It is possible for only one goose piece to occupy a specific space if no other geese piece occupies any adjacent space on the same line - this is known as "gooseing" or "making". 

The Goose is a Chinese board game that is played throughout China, Mongolia and Southeast Asia. The game consists of two parts: the Geese Playing Phase and the Gambling Phase. During the Geese Playing Phase, players take turns moving their geese from one pasture to another. After all players have moved their geese, play moves on to the Gambling Phase. In this phase of the game, each player must make a wager. The winner of the Gambling Phase is determined by whichever player has accumulated the most coins at the end of this phase. It is believed that playing this game will bring you good luck as well as fortune. 

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