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Fruits Solitaire

Fruits Solitaire is a classic card game with tons of fruity flavor. The object of the game is to build up sequences of cards from A to K by alternating between red and yellow apples. Doing so will help you tackle challenging levels, where you have to think strategically and leave no stone unturned to beat your high score. Prove that you’re not an apple in the basket, but rather a pineapple at the end of the tree, as you master this fun online version of

Come on, ladies! It’s time to get your hands dirty. Do you want to be the first one who finishes a game of fruits solitaire? We bring you this awesome card matching game with a twist. You know how fruits solitaire is played – you have to remove all the cards except for the last one. The great thing about this game is that every card has its own ruleset, so it will be different every time. Good luck and have fun!

This amazing game is a classic block-breaking card game. Remove all the fruits from the table by selecting them from the deck and broken into sequences of same suit. If you like Solitair or Uno, you will definitely love this challenging version of one of the most played card games in the

This game is a new take on the classic card game. This challenging version of solitaire will keep you on your toes as you combine fruits of matching colors and sink them into the ground. Use your cunning and strategy to conquer each level and beat this tricky

This one : Get ready for an epic challenge! Can you solve the mysteries of this pyramid and find the hidden treasures?If you like solitaire card games and love FRUIT, you’ll adore Fruits Solitaire.

How to play Fruits Solitaire

Using Mouse

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