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Fruit Slide 2

You have to slide the fruit from one side of the slide to the other by using only your finger,no lines or objects needed! How To Play Fruit Slide 2,game,puzzle, slice,

A fun and easy to play game with a twist. Discover fruits by sliding them in the right order. Each slide shows you an image of a fruit, so you must use your sense of sight and touch to arrange the fruits properly. Get it right and you will score points; get it wrong and you will lose points. The first player to reach 10 points is the winner! This Fruit Slide 2 game is a variation on the original Fruit Slide game that we showed you before. You are being presented with two identical images of fruit, one upside down and the other sideways. To help you out, try moving one image around so that both pictures show the same thing - a fruit, or in this case, slices of

Fruit Slide 2 is a fun,curricular based game that can be played with any group of game has been played by millions of kids and adults goal of the game is to slide the fruit as fast as you can without hitting the can play against the computer or other players locally or online. Have you got what it takes to be a Fruit Sliding World Champion? Play now!

How to play Fruit Slide 2

Using Mouse

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