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Fruit Blocks Puzzles

Let’s have some fun with these Fruit Blocks! This is the best puzzle game for you if you like blocks collapsing, match 3 or any other type of puzzles. It’s very simple and addictive so let’s begin and see how many levels you can reach. In every level of this classic game you need to find a way to remove all blocks in order to advance to the next one. Sounds easy right? It might seem so but it’s not going to be such an easy task since you will be under a time pressure in every stage. There are different ways you can remove blocks from the board – by matching two of the same ones or combining them with another block that can destroy two at once. You will get special items along the way which will help you discover solutions faster, so think wisely what action would be most effective at that moment.

They say that variety is the spice of life. But what if we were limited to only one type of fruit for the rest of our lives? How would you cope with such a restrictive diet? Help these benevolent bears as they try to break free from their restrictive diets by matching blocks and crushing all those pesky fruits once.

Fruit Blocks is a fun and challenging puzzle game. The goal is to destroy the blocks by matching three or more identical fruits. You can shoot the fruits by clicking on them or with the arrow keys. With every level, it gets harder and you will have to use your brain and logic to complete this game.

Fruit Blocks is a fun and challenging block collapse puzzle game with fruit pandas! The gameplay is simple. You have to move the red pandas, blue pandas and yellow pandas so that they are touching in single row or column. If you succeed, all fruits disappear, if not, more fruits come. Good luck to you!


How to play Fruit Blocks Puzzles

Using Mouse

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