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Fairyland Merge & Magic

Can you help the fairytale characters save their world? Fairyland is in danger! An evil witch has stolen our magic and turned it into an amp which can only be used to bring darkness and death to fairyland. The witch needs more magic users to open the gates of hell so they can take it away forever. Can you help the fairytale characters cool their heels inside a snow globe, avoid being turned into a block by arranging the blocks in sequence, or use your wand to turn ice cubes into water? Your choice! Help the fairytale characters save their world by sorting through 12 interactive storybook levels that help you learn about each character's personality and special ability. 

The game is a hidden laboratory with everything that you need to make the perfect fairyland merge magic. Your task is simple, create the best merged fairy tales and save your kingdom from evil! The game has five categories: fairy tale, mystery, fairytale world, pixel art and puzzle. In each category there are different challenges to solve, so it will be fun to play through all of them. Make the right choices and you can win every level; make the wrong ones and you’ll face new challenges in the next one. You have only a limited number of tries to complete each level, so don’t waste time or try some unsolvable challenges for fun! Have fun playing Fairyland Merge.

How to play Fairyland Merge & Magic

Using Mouse

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