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Drop Letters

Drop Letters is a fun game combined with vocabulary learning. Help your child develop skills and build the most solid vocabulary. This is the right app for you! This is a great educational game for kids, preschoolers, and even adults. You will definitely have fun while playing this game. It is a simple game but it can be played by everyone.

You can play this Drop Letters game with your kids and learn the alphabet and numbers at the same time. In this word game, children have to find the words hidden in the picture. There are different ways to play this game. In this game, you have to find the hidden letter in the picture. The letters are hidden behind the objects in the picture. You have to find them using your eyes.

You may also need to use your brain. This is a fun way to exercise your brain and increase your vocabulary.

You will be suggested by the words given above, your task is to choose the word below to combine and form a complete vocabulary. The vocabulary is not subject to a particular topic, so this game requires extensive vocabulary knowledge from the player.

How to play Drop Letters

left-click on the word you choose below, click and drag that letter to the upper position to form a meaningful vocabulary.

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