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Drag and Drop Clothing

Dress up your little princess in a new outfit and style her hair to match. Drag and drop different kinds of clothing onto the doll, piece by piece, to create an adorable princess. Today we are going to learn how to make clothing in a game. In this tutorial, we’ll cover all the basics you need know to design and create your own clothing games! Let’s get started!

Drag and drop game where players have to complete different clothing challenges. The faster you match the colors, the more points you will get. You also need to be fast because other players are trying to match their colors as well. In this drag and drop clothing game your task is to match 3 or more similar colors in a row without any spaces between them of course. Your mouse will serve as your matchstick, helping you pair similar colors together. The faster you complete the challenge, the more points you will score but they won’t be easy to get! Be careful though, because if you let go of your matchstick too soon then your challenge will end up with a wrong color combination and that means no points for you! 


How to play Drag and Drop Clothing

Using Mouse

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