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DinoMatch: Mahjong Pairs

DinoMatch: Mahjong Pairs is a tile-matching puzzle video game where the objective is to connect matching mahjong tiles in horizontal, vertical or an orthogonal line. The game is played with two players against each other, with the aim of scoring more points than the opponent. The player who finishes their turn first wins that round. There are several types of mahjong games in Asia, including Chinese four-player table Mahjong (which has a simplified version known as Tiles), Japanese four-player Jogei and Korean two-player Hanjang. In most variations, players take turns to remove one or more of their own matching sets before playing again; however, some variants have similar rules for all players. In order to make connections between tiles, players can use a restricted set of special melds called Daughters and Sons. Winning matches by combining similar mahjong sets and removing opponents’ combinations from the game also creates new melds that must be matched again to score points. Connect 2 Features: – 40 levels for you to enjoy – 7 different layouts for you to play – 4 difficulty levels for you It does not matter if you’re good or bad at Connect 2, because we will help your become better in this game!

The old man sat quietly staring out of the window. He seemed to be thinking deeply about something. His granddaughter was reading a book on the bed opposite him. She looked up from time to time, but her grandfather continued to look outside, not interested at all in what his granddaughter was doing. Finally, the old man sighed and said: “How many times have I told you not to meddle with mahjong?” "I didn’t meddle with mahjong. I just got lucky." The girl answered calmly. "Are you serious? You only got lucky? Even your luck has run out?" The old man stared at her in disbelief and astonishment. "Luck is just a matter of opportunity, there’s nothing special about it." The girl shrugged without any trace of shame or self-blame. This caused the old man to stare at his granddaughter again even more incredulously than before before he continued: “Have you forgotten what happened just now?" At this point, the girl could not help laughing out loud while she responded: "Forget it! It won’t happen again!" The two had played mahjong earlier that day after lunch and both had won quite a bit of money in fairness. 

The game is all about connecting two same kind of tiles to remove them from the board. There are total 32 different kinds of tile set in this game. Tile sets can be divided into Eight Trigrams and Five Elements based on their shape and appearance. Each trigram consists of three different element with three in total, which are Fire, Lake and Mountain. The elements are Yin, Yang and the neutral element known as Gui or Kui in Chinese. The number of mahjong tiles sets depends on the number of mahjong games you play. The game offers a single player mode against computer AI or another person via Network connection. The single player mode has several difficulty levels ranging from Beginner to Expert; while the multiplayer has several modes offered by choosing a specific theme like Timeline, Royal Match, Ranking Match etc. 

How to play DinoMatch: Mahjong Pairs

Using Mouse

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