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Dino Memory

The dino world is full of hidden surprises and you must discover them all! In Dinosaur Memory, the goal is to remember everything you have seen. The game began 20 years ago, when the first adventurer found a golden egg in the jungle. Inside it he found a baby dinosaur. That was the beginning of many adventures in the dinosaur world! Nowadays there are many other people who want to find that egg again. They will be very happy to hear about your discovery because it leads to a portal that takes you directly into the dino world. Are you up for an adventure? Explore different worlds filled with animated dinosaurs and discover how they lived millions of years ago! Discover beautiful landscapes, enormous caves, ancient temples, secret passages and more! Match 3 or more matching dino icons to clear them from the board and earn points in this fun match-3 memory game for

If you are a dinosaur lover, then our DINO Memory game is sure to make you smile. Join the DINO Memory Matching game and help the little dino find its parents in this fun-filled matching adventure! match and remove all of the missing dinos from the board to get higher scores. Match 3 or more similar dinosaurs to make them disappear from the board. Complete each level with 3 stars to unlock new dino species and keep playing against your friends on Facebook. DINOSAURS: The Jurassic Era is one of the most well known eras of time, due to its abundance of dinosaur species that roamed ancient Earth during that period. There are over 190 verified dinosaur species known including sauropods, ornithopods, ceratopsians, and many others. 

Dino Memory is a simple, fun and challenging memory game for kids and adults. The goal of the game is to match 3 or more matching dinosaurs. Tap on any dinosaur to remove it from the board. Matching same color dinos will make them disappear. The more you match, the higher your score will be at the end of each level. If you can’t find any opponents, you can shuffle the board by tapping on Shuffle button. Dino Memory features: - Simple one finger control - Beautiful hand-drawn graphics - Various background themes and music - Various levels with increasing difficulty – get better after each level Dinosaur Memory is one of our favorite dino memory games! Download it now and enjoy playing the simple and challenging gameplay at home or in public! Good luck!


How to play Dino Memory

Using Mouse

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