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The dingbats are an alternate set of graphical symbols used to represent the Latin script alphabets. They are more commonly known as Dingbats or simply Dings, and they have been used since the mid-19th century to make it easier for non-Latin users to understand English texts and documents. There are many different dingbat sets available, each designed for a specific purpose or target audience. In this post you will learn about Dingbats, their types, advantages and disadvantages, common uses and

Do you like interesting games? We know all little ones are into playing fun games, so we created this one just for them. This is a simple game that requires your brain and concentration, but with the right attitude the outcome can be surprising! With a few minutes of game time, your child will practice their visual motor skills while understanding the basics of reading English and math. The best part is it doesn’t cost anything to play. All you need is a smartphone or tablet and some free

Do you love to play word games? Do you have little ones that keep you busy all day long? If so then you will love this app. It has over 200 word games for kids of all ages. 

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