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If you desire to use weather condition knowledge instead than your vocabulary and also vice versa after that Cloudle video game is birthed to meet your demands. You are offered a random city and you have to forecast the weather there for the following five days. You have six guesses and nine different weather conditions to choose between each day. 

Instead of attempting to decipher a five-letter hidden message in Cloudle, you will be entrusted with forecasting the weather in a city at random for the following five days. Every day, a different city's weather report is delivered. Icons depict the current weather conditions in the sky. Cloudy, foggy, clear, thunderstorm, scattered clouds, drizzle, rain, snow, and overcast weather are examples of these. When players submit their estimates, they are given green tiles if they have both the correct location and the proper icon. If they have the proper icon in the wrong place, they will earn yellow tiles. If an icon is grayed out, it means that it is not part of the puzzle for that day. You will have six attempts, wish you have happy moments with family and loved ones. 

How to play Cloudle

Using mouse

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