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Clone Ball Maze 3D

Clone Ball Maze is a unique clone game for kids. In this puzzle game, you will have to help the ball to reach the end of each level. You can use the clone balls to duplicate the ball and create new paths for it. The more clones you give it, the farther it will go. - Use your logic skills to get the ball out of maze. Clone balls are your friend! - There are 2 levels in this game that gets harder as you progress through them. - You will unlock new balls and some challenging levels as you advance in the game. Each level has its own unique challenges so don't worry if you haven’t unlocked everything yet! - This game was designed with non-gamers in mind from the very beginning! We couldn't find anything that makes this type of game fun for our target audience either so we tried to make something different.

Clone Ball Maze is a clone of the popular ball maze games. With Clone Ball Maze, you are able to play a mini clone of the original game to keep your brain children sharp and active. This is meant for games played between two people as well as children. The game requires a bit of strategy, hand-eye coordination and at least a slight understanding of physics to play. However, it’s not as difficult as you think it will be! The objective of this game is to guide the balls into their respective holes by making use of gravity in order to solve all 30 levels. You have 3 different clones of the original game; each with its own set of challenges and variables that make it an entirely different experience from the previous one. How many balls can you get inside each hole? Find out now with Clone Ball game.

Clone Ball Maze Game is a clone of the popular maze game, just in a different form. In this game you have to guide the ball into the goal without hitting yourself or other not let the ball hit any of the walls. If your ball touches a wall, it will explode and you will have to restart from the last checkpoint. You should try to play with as little buttons as possible because some of them can be hit by your own ball and that can result in an unwanted objective of this clone game is very much similar to original one so if you are fan of maze games, try this free version Offline Clone Ball Maze 3d,game, kids, boy, casual, clone, kidsgame, puzzle, puzzles. Are you ready for this? Let’s start now!


How to play Clone Ball Maze 3D

Using Mouse

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