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City Idle Tycoon

The world needs more Idletyarchs. Get involved in the business of idleting and become an Idle tycoon! The game is played with your mobile devices. In this game, you will get to control a real-life city tycoon. Make sure that your city has enough idle workers so that they can perform their regular jobs during their downtime. You should also invest in office space and infrastructure so that your workers can work there instead of at home. Try to become the most successful idle tycoon of all time! Have fun!

In this game you must build an idle city by connecting and upgrading easily accessible nodes with the given task. But be careful, what you build will determine your city's future! The more nodes you connect, the more tasks will appear for your idle city to perform. Connected cities show activities that are not only beneficial for the city itself but also its surroundings.


How to play City Idle Tycoon

Using Mouse

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