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Christmas Quest

The whole village is preparing for the annual Christmas celebration. The children are making decorations, and the adults are decorating the town hall. However, no one has made any preparations for Santa Claus. It is finally time to find a place to stay the night and prepare for tomorrow’s festivities. Luckily, you have just finished building your cozy cabin near the village square. Now it’s time to invite some friends over for a game of Monopoly or Scrabble! Everyone knows that playing board games makes every occasion better! The only problem is that you don’t have anything new to play with everybody being so into traditional games lately. That’s where you come in! Your new game: Christmas Quest presents over 100 unique challenges where you must complete specific tasks with just a few rolls of the dice! Can you help the skeptical townsfolk welcome their first visitor from outside their village? Can you hide valuable presents throughout your home before they tumble out of someone else’s stocking? Is there anything in this old house that could be useful? You might need to consult your Christmas carol collection if these questions stump

It is the time of year when children all over the world fantasize about the magical adventures they will have during the Twelve Dancing Princesses and One Happy Elf. However, not everyone is so fortunate, and some know others might not ever get that chance. Thankfully, there are many people who are able to experience such a wondrous event through their imagination and dreams. The Christmas season is filled with joy and hope, but it can also be challenging for those who don’t have much. The good news for everyone is that in this world, we all have something special to offer others: our kindness, generosity and love. Anyone who has an unrealized potential to bring goodness into other people’s lives deserves a second chance at life: Let them see what it feels like to be a child

It’s Christmas time once again and this time, our little town is filled with joy. The children are happily singing carols, the adults are chatting merrily, and even the old crone who lives under the bridge seems to have forgiven everyone for throwing snowballs at her. There’s just one problem: Santa Claus isn’t coming this year. He’ll be making his yearly visit to another town in the north instead. So in order to save money for gifts for everyone else, he asks us to take over his duties for the duration of

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