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Anyone can play word games, and they are a lot of fun. There are numerous variations of word games, some of which are rather obscure. One such word game that mixes the challenge of creating words from random letters with a visual puzzle is Wordle.

The similar idea underlies Canuckle, however it has been modified for Canada this time. The wordle game is also known as the "canuckle word game."

Anyone who enjoys word games or even ice hockey will love Canuckl. Wordle that is more difficult and interesting than ever before in a Canadian edition. You will need at least 4 players, paper, and pencils to play it. It's really simple to comprehend. We'll see how it functions.

Who will find every word in each stage first?

How to play Canuckle

Pick a five-letter word that has something to do with Canada. The mystery word could be anything related to Canada, including a term, a location, or simply Canadianism.

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