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Candy Tile Blast

Candy is an interesting species. It’s hard to imagine that a heart-attack-stricken bud of a human could have confectionery tastes so intense and mouthwatering. However, for candy fans who love nothing more than the sweet scent of sugary treats, the release of the Candy Crush spellbinding smartphone game is about as pure a ghastly spectacle as you could hope for. Operated by companies such as Disney, Candy Crush is an irresistible combination of strategy and simulation which has become one of the world’s most popular digital games. But, while its addictive nature makes it perfect for hardcore gaming enthusiasts, it also makes it a potent source of new game ideas. 

Candy Tile Blast is a Match-3 game, which means it’s very similar to those other high-tech match-three games. You have tiles that you can throw at other players in order to find the one that scores the most points for their team. What makes this game different is that all you have to do is hit a button as soon as your team scores more points than their opponent. The better your score, the more points they get and the bigger their reward (note: there are no cash prizes involved). 

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Using Mouse

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