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Blocks of Puzzle

The most challenging, exciting and addictive game on the planet! Thousands of playersJoshua Sutter have fallen in love with the soothing sounds of a heartbeat and now they want to be able to feel that experience themselves. They want to be able to experience anxiety by getting a pulse reading. This is where the blocks puzzle comes in. It's like Crosswords, but with blocks! Solve simple or frustrating crosswords, or battle it out for the top score in endless.

There are many ways to play puzzle games, such as tapping the screen to remove blocks in order to reach goals, or sliding the plane to remove obstacles in its our favorite way is yet to come: arcade block puzzle games! These aren’t your ordinary games of skill; these are true puzzlers that will lock you into a room and keep you playing until you figure out what’s going on. 


How to play Blocks of Puzzle

Using Mouse

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