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Block 3D

Let’s play 3D Builder and Blocks game! Your objective is to remove the blocks from the screen. To do so, you need to find and match similar colors. The more blocks you eliminate at once, the higher your score will be. There are red, yellow, blue, green, and purple blocks. Each with its own properties. Click on one block to select it, then another to swap their places. Try to make combinations of three or more same colored blocks in a single column or row to remove them from the grid and score points in the process. You get 250 points for each yellow block removed from the board; 200 points for each blue block; and 150 points for each green and purple block removed from play. Let’s see how many blocks you can remove until you can’t find another one in this free online builders

Thinking of fun games for kids that don’t require a lot of screen time? Look no further! Here’s an awesome and totally free online game for kids about blocks. This article introduces you to the most popular block matching game on the internet: Unblock Me! You may have heard of it before. Unblock Me is a really fun, addictive and challenging puzzle game with over 300 different

Bored of finding hidden objects or tracing tress? Then you’ll love this challenging 3D block puzzle game! Challenge yourself in this new and improved version of the classic block puzzle game. Your goal is to find and merge similar blocks in the least amount of time possible. 

Let’s Merge Blocks is a fun and challenging puzzle game suitable for kids of all ages. Your objective is to get the Red, Blue and Green blocks together in one pile. It sounds simple enough, but you need to do it by moving only one block at a time. Sounds easy? Get started now and see how many levels you can get through before giving

Let’s get ready to build! In this block game, your child can merge colorful blocks together and clear them from the board. This free online game has a similar premise as other popular match-three puzzle games, but with a unique twist. Play now to see if your kid has what it takes to beat this challenging building.

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Using Mouse

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