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Black Friday Mahjong

Black Friday Mahjong (also known as Black Friday Cards or Black Friday Puzzles) is a great game to play on a Friday the 13th because there’s nothing more scary than taking something that might be considered harmless, like cards or puzzles, and turning it into something evil. The best part is there are so many variations on this theme it’s almost impossible not to find one that suits your fancy! This one is a classic card/puzzle game where each player takes on the role of a burglar trying to steal as much money as they can from a bank before the owner arrives home. The object of the game is to score points by filling up all five “furniture” columns on one side of the board with money. For example, if you land on the left side of the board with money in every “Furniture” column, you score 200 points. 

Are you ready for your Black Friday Mahjong adventure? Prepare to spend the night solving puzzles and cracking cards with a group of friends in order to grab some great deals on games and cards during the Black Friday sale. The This amazing game game is a free, fun filled online game that will have you solving logic puzzles, blackfriday card sales, and matching cards in an exciting mahjong board game for hours. You can also use it as an excuse to hang out with friends and play a variety of different mahjong boards together. 

How to play Black Friday Mahjong

Using Mouse

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