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Be The Judge

Are you a judge with a sense of justice? Are you capable of seeing things objectively and dispassionately? Are you ready to become a judge for real? In this game, as a real judge, you will be tasked with dispensing just rulings. It would be great if you could think like that. But how well do you really know the people who appear before you in court? You might even find yourself sympathizing with one or the other party without even realizing it. JUDGE is an immersive interactive simulation game about being a judge. Through case studies, role-playing training exercises, simulations and actual court proceedings, players are prepared to act as judges in cases where they cannot necessarily choose the right answer but must always act fairly and objectively. 

This is a jailbreak game, the player will be the judge and play as a police officer. The player must figure out the clues to find who's guilty of the crime and sentence them accordingly. For those of you who don't know how a jailbreak works, basically it's a game where you must use different points in the room to reach certain other points. Most games have clues that lead to these other points, so it's up to you to determine which clues are legitimate and which aren't. The goal of this game is simple: find out who broke into the police station. A few prisoners have confessed their guilt and incriminated others, but one or more keep wriggling out of their bonds by claiming they were framed. 

The game throws you into the roles of a Police Officer who is trying to find clues in a crime. You are taken to the courthouse and told that you need to find evidence that proves one of two suspects is guilty. Your only clues are the statements made by each of the two suspects. Which one is telling the truth? To figure this out, you must use logic and reason; being a good judge is essential for solving this case. The more evidence you can collect, the better your case will be. All evidence must be logically connected for everyone to see and understand. Along with many other cases like it, you will need to work as a team if you want to clear one of these men and solve this case once and for

Today's world is full of crimes and criminals. In order to restore the justice, humankind has set up a system of jails, courts, prosecutors and defense lawyers to deal with such offenders. SimJail is an Android game where you are in charge of running a small town jail. You will need to build cells and hire guards, bailiffs and lawyers among other things in order to manage the prisoners as effectively as possible. The game is fully functional from the beginning by default without any ads or in-app purchases. Features - Build your own jail over time - Unlock new rooms for your jail - Hire bailiffs, lawyers, clerks among others - Explore different themes for your ability. Good luck!


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