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Bandle is a daily musical game that challenges players to guess the name of a song played by a band with the least number of musicians possible. The game is designed to test players' knowledge of music and their ability to recognize songs based on minimal instrumentation.

In Bandle, players are presented with a musical performance by a band with a limited number of musicians. The band typically consists of just a few players, with each member playing a different instrument. The goal of the game is to guess the name of the song being played based on the limited instrumentation.

As players listen to the musical performance, they must use their knowledge of music and their ability to recognize familiar melodies and chord progressions to guess the name of the song. The game can be challenging, as the limited instrumentation can make it difficult to identify the song, especially if it is not a well-known or popular tune.

One of the unique features of Bandle is that it is a daily game, with new performances and new songs being added regularly. This keeps the game fresh and exciting, and ensures that players always have new challenges to overcome.


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Using mouse


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