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Ball Sort Halloween

No one knows why, but ball games have always been at the very core of mankind's existence. From the ancient Chinese wokou ball to the modern day block game, there is a ball game for everyone. That’s what makes Shanghai Shooter so special. 

Best Puzzle Game of the Year! Bestpuzzle is a unique and fun game to solve different challenging puzzles. You can choose from 9 colorful worlds, explore the hidden rooms and unlock more than 100 fun & addictive levels! Let’s go on an exciting adventure together and be the best puzzler of all time! 

In this Halloween game, you have to help the red ball to pass green, blue and yellow balls. Let your mind and creativity work on this one. Use the arrow keys to guide the ball through the various obstacles. Don’t let the other balls get you down! Have a good time!

How to play Ball Sort Halloween

Using Mouse

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