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Apples and Numbers

APPLES AND NUMBERS is a game that combines useful knowledge to help children learn more. Memorize lots of math numbers with this fun game. This is a cognitive game that helps children develop their counting and counting abilities. This is a fun, easy-to-learn and plays app for kids. The game targets your child's math skills as well as fine motor skills. The goal of this app is to help your child understand how to match numbers with apples.

APPLES AND NUMBERS game with this Educational App, you will not only teach your kids how to count but also stimulate their senses with beautiful graphics and sounds. This app comes with 18 different activities based on apples and numbers. The task in this game is to move to link the apples in the correct order so that it produces the most appropriate number. Completing the task is the times the children will memorize an extra appropriate number. This is the fastest game to help kids memorize numbers.

How to play Apples and Numbers

Use the left mouse button or touch the screen.

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