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Those green blocks on your social network profile are getting on your nerves, you know. Try out Antiwordle. Wordle asks you to guess a word every day in as few attempts as possible, whereas Antiwordle wants you to guess the word as many times as you can to avoid it. When you make a right guess, the letters will change to gray, yellow, or red. Yellow indicates that the letter is present in the word and must be taken into account in every subsequent guess, while red indicates that the letter is present in the word exactly where it should be and cannot be moved. Gray indicates that the letter is absent from the word and cannot be used again. 

We attempted to play Antiwordle, a game that is only playable in daily mode, and we persisted until we managed to win. In this game, it's difficult to avoid speculating about the word of the day. Because Antiwordle just blocks your previously used letters and forces you to try to reorder them in the appropriate order, it is exceedingly difficult to guess the hidden word today.

The game is quite simple. It is a reverse wordle where the word of the day is not assumed. If you are successful, the game will let you know how long it took you and how many times you tried. Following that, there is an option to share it on social media. Inform your acquaintances of it.

Wow, that sounds so easy! The game has rules that must be followed, and adding words from the dictionary makes it more challenging. If you give it a shot, you'll learn why this anti-word game is so well-liked and why it's more challenging than wordle.


How to play Antiwordle

1. When the red letter is in the correct location, the next word that contains that letter must go there.

2. When a letter is highlighted in yellow, it means you must use it in the next word, but not in the same spot as you did before.

3. Since you already know that the grayed-out letters in the following term don't exist, you won't be able to utilize any of them.

4. In Antiwordle, your goal is to fail.


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