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Anti Wordle

In a world where Wordle's failures can be amusing, sometimes you need a guaranteed win. Antiwordle will be a game that meets your requirements, let this game soothe your soul. Antiwordle sounds incredible until you try it out. It resembles the iconic Wordle, the internet's daily word-guessing game. However, the goal is to avoid guessing the correct answer by making as many attempts as possible.

There are restrictions in place that make the aim difficult to achieve. If you predict a letter that isn't in the word, it will be grayed out and useless. A valid letter positioned incorrectly becomes yellow and must be utilized in the following guess. A correct letter in the correct position becomes red and must be utilized in the following guess. Antiwordle is continually directing you to the correct word. It is your responsibility to resist.

How to play Anti Wordle

Using mouse

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