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Animals Merge

Animal Merge is a fun and addictive merge puzzle game that is similar to the popular game 2048. In this game, players need to strategically drop animals onto a playing field in order to merge them together and create new, higher-numbered animals.

The goal of the game is to unlock all the animals by merging them together to create new ones. To do this, players need to drop animals onto the playing field and line them up so that they can merge together. When two animals of the same type are next to each other, they will merge into a single animal of the next higher number.

For example, if you merge two animals with a number 1 on them, they will combine to create an animal with a number 2. If you merge two animals with a number 2 on them, they will combine to create an animal with a number 3, and so on.

As the game progresses, the animals become more complex and harder to merge. Players need to use their strategy and spatial reasoning skills to drop animals in the right locations and create the biggest and highest numbered animals possible.

To win in Animal Merge, you need to merge animals together strategically to create the highest numbered animals possible. Here are some tips to help you win the game:

  1. Plan ahead: Before dropping an animal onto the playing field, take a moment to think about where it will go and how it will merge with the animals already on the board. Look for areas where you can merge multiple animals at once to create bigger animals.

  2. Focus on the corners: The corners of the playing field are great places to merge animals because they allow you to merge animals in two directions at once. Try to keep at least one corner free so that you can merge animals there.

  3. Keep the board clear: Try to keep the playing field as clear as possible so that you have more room to merge animals together. Don't let animals pile up in one area or you will run out of space quickly.

  4. Merge smaller animals first: It's often easier to merge smaller animals together than larger ones, so try to focus on merging the smaller animals first. This will help you create bigger animals faster.

  5. Be patient: Animal Merge requires patience and strategic thinking. Don't rush to merge animals together without thinking it through, or you may end up blocking yourself in.

How to play Animals Merge

Using Mouse

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