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Alphabet Game

Alphabet Game is a very interesting word learning game in the form of memorizing pictures. How many questions can you correctly guess in this game through the vocabulary you have learned? The alphabet game is a simple and fun educational game for kids. It helps kids learn the alphabet and spelling. Children will learn the names of many animals, their colors, vegetables, fruits, and more, and their sounds. This great game is a great way for kids to learn and have fun.

How to play Alphabet Game: a red-letter will be given first. You have to look at the pictures of the object next to it, and use your knowledge of memorizing vocabulary to guess what its vocabulary is. If the object has a given letter, drag the image into the white square on the left. When you are sure you have completely selected the correct answer, click Done to see the results. then click Next to move on to other questions.

How to play Alphabet Game

Using Mouse

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