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Adoptle is a wonderful game for animal lovers that also serves a good cause. The game presents a puzzle where you have to guess the name of an adoptable pet, and it is a fun way to learn more about these cute animals while also helping with their adoption.

The game allows you to play the cat or dog of the day, and you have six opportunities to guess their name. The name can be a common name, such as "Cookie," or a formal name like "Martin." If you guess a correct letter that is in the right position, it will be highlighted in teal. However, if you guess a correct letter but it is in the wrong position, it will be indicated with olives. Letters that are not part of the name will be grayed out.

Adoptle offers a softer color palette for those who prefer it and a dark mode for those who want to play in low-light conditions. After you have made your six guesses, the game will reveal the name of the adoptable pet for the day, and you can learn more about them.

The game is not only fun and engaging but also helps to promote the adoption of pets. By playing this game, you can learn more about adoptable pets and help spread the word about their adoption. It is a great way to support animal shelters and rescue organizations that work tirelessly to care for and find homes for these animals.


How to play Adoptle

Each guess must be a valid word, names included, and you can use a guess that's shorter than the answer.


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